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View matching for outer-join views OLAP over uncertain and imprecise data
Special issue: best papers of VLDB 2005 Consistent selectivity estimation via maximum entropy
Algorithms and analyses for maximal vector computation eTuner: tuning schema matching software using synthetic scenarios
A framework for efficient regression tests on database applications Cache-conscious frequent pattern mining on modern and emerging processors
SQL extension for spatio-temporal data Path and cache conscious prefetching (PCCP)
Compression techniques for fast external sorting MEMS based storage architecture for relational databases
Using a distributed quadtree index in peer-to-peer networks Constrained data clustering by depth control and progressive constraint relaxation
An adaptive and dynamic dimensionality reduction method for high-dimensional indexing
Multidimensional reverse k NN search Optimization and evaluation of shortest path queries
Attribute grammars for scalable query processing on XML streams Service oriented architectures: approaches, technologies and research issues
The dynamic predicate: integrating access control with query processing in XML databases
Efficient query evaluation on probabilistic databases Free riding-aware forwarding in Content-Addressable Networks
The partitioned exponential file for database storage management Dissemination of compressed historical information in sensor networks
A new intrusion detection system using support vector machines and hierarchical clustering The Omni-family of all-purpose access methods: a simple and effective way to make similarity search more efficient
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