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Online pairing of VoIP conversations Speed up interactive image retrieval
B-tries for disk-based string management Hierarchically compressed wavelet synopses
Swoosh: a generic approach to entity resolution Context-based literature digital collection search
Sampling-based estimators for subset-based queries Approximate voronoi cell computation on spatial data streams
Localized monitoring of k NN queries in wireless sensor networks Skyframe: a framework for skyline query processing in peer-to-peer systems
Efficient frequent sequence mining by a dynamic strategy switching algorithm Containment of partially specified tree-pattern queries in the presence of dimension graphs
Partially materialized digest scheme: an efficient verification method for outsourced databases Autonomic query parallelization using non-dedicated computers: an evaluation of adaptivity options
Efficient storage and retrieval of probabilistic latent semantic information for information retrieval FENECIA: failure endurable nested-transaction based execution of composite Web services with incorporated state analysis
Data integration with uncertainty Special issue: best papers of VLDB 2007
Depth estimation for ranking query optimization Efficient keyword search over virtual XML views
Adversarial-knowledge dimensions in data privacy CellJoin: a parallel stream join operator for the cell processor
Anytime measures for top- k algorithms on exact and fuzzy data sets SW-Store: a vertically partitioned DBMS for Semantic Web data management
Guessing the extreme values in a data set: a Bayesian method and its applications
Reducing outer joins Multi-dimensional top-k dominating queries
Instance optimal query processing in spatial networks Authenticated indexing for outsourced spatial databases
Equivalence of queries that are sensitive to multiplicities The RUM-tree: supporting frequent updates in R-trees using memos
A self-adaptable query allocation framework for distributed information systems Top-k typicality queries and efficient query answering methods on large databases
Efficient processing of probabilistic reverse nearest neighbor queries over uncertain data Self-tuning management of update-intensive multidimensional data in clusters of workstations
Supporting exact indexing of arbitrarily rotated shapes and periodic time series under Euclidean and warping distance measures
Complex RFID event processing Privacy-preserving indexing of documents on the network
A distributed spatial index for error-prone wireless data broadcast Query translation from XPath to SQL in the presence of recursive DTDs
RATEWeb: Reputation Assessment for Trust Establishment among Web services Large-scale indexing of spatial data in distributed repositories: the SD-Rtree
Query evaluation over probabilistic XML On the expressiveness of probabilistic XML models
Creating probabilistic databases from duplicated data Special issue on uncertain and probabilistic databases
The trichotomy of HAVING queries on a probabilistic database Representing uncertain data: models, properties, and algorithms
PrDB: managing and exploiting rich correlations in probabilistic databases Qualitative effects of knowledge rules and user feedback in probabilistic data integration
Query processing over incomplete autonomous databases: query rewriting using learned data dependencies $${10^{(10^{6})}}$$ worlds and beyond: efficient representation and processing of incomplete information
Scalable processing of snapshot and continuous nearest-neighbor queries over one-dimensional uncertain data
Generic entity resolution with negative rules BerlinMOD: a benchmark for moving object databases
Optimizing updates of recursive XML views of relations Statistical structures for Internet-scale data management
HE-Tree: a framework for detecting changes in clustering structure for categorical data streams Principles of Holism for sequential twig pattern matching Principles of Holism for sequential twig pattern matching
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