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Ranking queries on uncertain data Speed up kernel discriminant analysis
Scalable keyword search on large data streams Providing built-in keyword search capabilities in RDBMS
Probabilistic inverse ranking queries in uncertain databases Local and global recoding methods for anonymizing set-valued data
SABRE: a Sensitive Attribute Bucketization and REdistribution framework for t-closeness
Special issue: best papers of VLDB 2009 Normalization and optimization of schema mappings
Harvesting relational tables from lists on the web Preference elicitation in prioritized skyline queries
The SHARC framework for data quality in Web archiving A unified approach to ranking in probabilistic databases
Predictable performance and high query concurrency for data analytics
On-line rule matching for event prediction Mining learning-dependency between knowledge units from text
Log-based middleware server recovery with transaction support Index design and query processing for graph conductance search
Continuous visible nearest neighbor query processing in spatial databases Event correlation for process discovery from web service interaction logs
QFilter: rewriting insecure XML queries to secure ones using non-deterministic finite automata
Dynamic constraints for record matching Efficient fuzzy full-text type-ahead search
Fast graph query processing with a low-cost index Interaction-aware scheduling of report-generation workloads
Anonymity meets game theory: secure data integration with malicious participants Performance analysis of a dual-tree algorithm for computing spatial distance histograms
Privacy in geo-social networks: proximity notification with untrusted service providers and curious buddies
Indexing in-network trajectory flows Efficient real-time trajectory tracking
Special issue on data management for mobile services Direction-based surrounder queries for mobile recommendations
Ranking continuous nearest neighbors for uncertain trajectories Sequenced spatiotemporal aggregation for coarse query granularities
Unveiling the complexity of human mobility by querying and mining massive trajectory data
Shooting top-k stars in uncertain databases Progressive processing of subspace dominating queries
Elastic SI-Cache: consistent and scalable caching in multi-tier architectures STAIRS: Towards efficient full-text filtering and dissemination in DHT environments
UpStream: storage-centric load management for streaming applications with update semantics Maximizing bichromatic reverse nearest neighbor for Lp-norm in two- and three-dimensional spaces
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