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Keyword search on form results Special issue on best papers of VLDB 2011
Automating the database schema evolution process RemusDB: transparent high availability for database systems
Efficiently adapting graphical models for selectivity estimation OXPath: A language for scalable data extraction, automation, and crawling on the deep web
Auditing a database under retention policies A survey on XML streaming evaluation techniques
Comparable dependencies over heterogeneous data Lindex: a lattice-based index for graph databases
Mining frequent conjunctive queries using functional and inclusion dependencies Scalable and dynamically balanced shared-everything OLTP with physiological partitioning
High efficiency and quality: large graphs matching Computing weight constraint reachability in large networks
UV-diagram: a voronoi diagram for uncertain spatial databases Pattern discovery in data streams under the time warping distance
Similarity queries: their conceptual evaluation, transformations, and processing Optimal and efficient generalized twig pattern processing: a combination of preorder and postorder filterings
Top-k queries over web applications Extending the power of datalog recursion
QoS-aware optimization of sensor network queries Super-EGO: fast multi-dimensional similarity join
Recommending XML physical designs for XML databases Outsourcing shortest distance computing with privacy protection
Modeling the execution semantics of stream processing engines with SECRET
Hybrid entity clustering using crowds and data Exploratory search framework for Web data sources
Special issue on structured and crowd-sourced data on the Web Growing triples on trees: an XML-RDF hybrid model for annotated documents
Large-scale linked data integration using probabilistic reasoning and crowdsourcing Schema matching prediction with applications to data source discovery and dynamic ensembling
The ontological key: automatically understanding and integrating forms to access the deep Web
Differentially private histogram publication Joint entity resolution on multiple datasets
Anytime approximation in probabilistic databases Non-uniformity issues and workarounds in bounded-size sampling
YmalDB: exploring relational databases via result-driven recommendations Efficient processing of graph similarity queries with edit distance constraints
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