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Incremental entity resolution on rules and data Eliminating unscalable communication in transaction processing
Toward efficient multidimensional subspace skyline computation Sampling from repairs of conditional functional dependency violations
Efficient query processing for XML keyword queries based on the IDList index Consistency anomalies in multi-tier architectures: automatic detection and prevention
A gossip-based approach for Internet-scale cardinality estimation of XPath queries over distributed semistructured data
Quantifying eventual consistency with PBS Special issue on best papers of VLDB 2012
Transactional support for adaptive indexing Efficient processing of k-hop reachability queries
Toward cost-effective storage provisioning for DBMSs DBToaster: higher-order delta processing for dynamic, frequently fresh views
An expressive framework and efficient algorithms for the analysis of collaborative tagging Dense subgraph maintenance under streaming edge weight updates for real-time story identification
The backchase revisited Event detection over twitter social media streams
Personalized trajectory matching in spatial networks Towards zero-overhead static and adaptive indexing in Hadoop
A survey of large-scale analytical query processing in MapReduce QUBLE: towards blending interactive visual subgraph search queries on large networks
Approximate similarity search for online multimedia services on distributed CPU–GPU platforms
gStore: a graph-based SPARQL query engine Instance-level worst-case query bounds on R-trees
Correlated network data publication via differential privacy Finding k-most favorite products based on reverse top-t queries
Partitioning functions for stateful data parallelism in stream processing Ensuring location diversity in privacy-preserving spatio-temporal data publishing
High availability, elasticity, and strong consistency for massively parallel scans over relational data
Query reverse engineering Dynamic monitoring of optimal locations in road network databases
Taxonomy-based relaxation of query answering in relational databases Processing of extreme moving-object update and query workloads in main memory
Taking the Big Picture: representative skylines based on significance and diversity Enhancing data utility in differential privacy via microaggregation-based k-anonymity
Answering exact distance queries on real-world graphs with bounded performance guarantees
The Stratosphere platform for big data analytics MyBenchmark: generating databases for query workloads
Special section on data-intensive cloud infrastructure Maximum error-bounded Piecewise Linear Representation for online stream approximation
ACME: A scalable parallel system for extracting frequent patterns from a very long sequence SWORD: workload-aware data placement and replica selection for cloud data management systems
Distributed snapshot isolation: global transactions pay globally, local transactions pay locally Real-time continuous intersection joins over large sets of moving objects using graphic processing units
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