VLDB Keynotes

"Keynotes" provides information on keynote addresses and invited talks.

Year Keynote Speaker Affiliation Title
2013 Jay Parikh Facebook Data Infrastructure at Web Scale
Samuel Madden MIT The DataHub: A Collaborative Data Analytics and Visualization Platform
Cynthia Dwork Microsoft Privacy-Preserving Data Analysis: From Fallacious to Felicitous and to Fruition
2012 Christian S. Jensen Aarhus University, Denmark Data Management on the Spatial Web
Brenda Dietrich IBM T J Watson Research Center, USA Data Analytics Opportunities in a Smarter Planet
Kenan Şahin TIAX, USA Challenges in Economic Massive Content Storage and Management (MCSAM) in the Era of Self-Organizing, Self-Expanding and Self-Linking Data Clusters
2011 Tim O'Reilly O'Reilly Media Towards a Global Brain
David Campbell Microsoft Is it still "Big Data" if it fits in my pocket?
2010 Divesh Srivastava AT&T Labs-Research Enabling Real Time Data Analysis
Paul Matsudaira National Univ. of Singapore High-End Biological Imaging Generates Very Large 3D+ and Dynamic Datasets
2009 Raghu Ramakrishan Yahoo! Research Cloud Data Serving: Key-Value Stores to DBMSs
Johannes Gehrke Cornell University Bringing Database Research to Computer Games and Simulations
2008 Mark D. Hill Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison Is transactional memory an oxymoron?
Justin Zobel NICTA, University of Melbourne Databases and the silification of health.
2007 Werner Vogels Vice President & Chief Technology Officer, Amazon.com Data Access Patterns in the Amazon.com Technology Platform
Eric A. Brewer EECS, UC Berkeley/ Director, Intel Research Berkeley Technology for Developing Regions
2006 Anant Jhingran VP and CTO, IBM Silicon Valley Laboratory Enterprise Information Mashups: Integrating Information, Simply
Vishal Sikka Senior VP and GM, SAP AG Next Generation Data Management in Enterprise Application Platforms
2005 Bjørn Olstad CTO, FAST Search & Transfer Norway Why Search Engines are used increasingly to Offload Queries from Databases
2004 David Yach Research in Motion Databases in a Wireless World
Alon Halevy Univ. of Washington Structures, Semantics and Statistics
2003 Evangelos Eleftheriou IBM Research Millipede - A Nanotechnology-based Approach to Data Storage
Nelson Mattos IBM, SVL Laboratory Integrating Information for On Demand Computing
Scott Shenker ICSI, University of California The Data-Centric Revolution in Networking
2002 Chris J. Date Independent Consultant Foundation Matters
Adam Bosworth BEA Systems Data Routing Rather than Databases: The Meaning of the Next Wave of the Web Revolution to Data Management
2001 Philip Wadler AT&T Labs Et tu XML? The Downfall of the Relational Empire
Egbert-Jan Sol Ericsson Ambience Intelligence with the Ubiquitous Network, the Embedded Computer Devices and the Hidden Databases
Pierre-Paul Sondag EC The Semantic Web Paving the Way to the Knowledge Society
2000 Michael J. Carey Propel Toto, We're Not in Kansas Anymore: On Transitioning from Research to the Real
Meridith A. Lane, James L. Edwards, and Ebbe Nielsen* *Australian National Insect Collection Biodiversity Informatics: The Challenge of Rapid Development, Large Databases, and Complex Data
1999 Rudolf Munz SAP AG Usage Scenarios for DBMS
Steve DeRose Chief Scientist Inso Corporation What Do Those Weird XML Types Want Anyway?
1998 Doug Tygar CMU and UC Berkeley Atomicity versus Anonymity: Distributed Transactions for Electronic Commerce
David E. Shaw D. E. Shaw & Co. Technology and the Future of Commerce and Finance
1997 Kenneth R. Jacobs Oracle Innovation in Database Management: Computer Science vs. Engineering
Philip A. Bernstein, Brian Harry, Paul Sanders, David Shutt, and Jason Zander Microsoft The Microsoft Repository
1996 Umang Gupta Centura Corporation The Changing Landscape of the Software Industry and its Implications for India
Don Haderle IBM Santa Teressa Laboratory (* N/A from Proc. / Web Information)
Karl-Heinz Hess SAP AG Corporation Very Large Databases in a Commercial Application Environment
1995 David J. DeWitt Univ. of Wisconsin Database Systesms: Road Kill on the Information Superhighway?
Rudolf Bayer Tech. Univ. of Munich Document Management as a Very Large Database Application
(The Paper Title in Proc. : Document Management as a Database Problem)
Stuart E. Madnick MIT Sloan School of Management From VLDB to VMLDB (Very MANY Large Data Bases): Dealing with Large-Scale Semantic Heterogeneity
1994 Alice H. Muntz and Christian T. Ramiller Hughes Information Technology Corporation A Requirement-Based Approach to Data Modeling and Re-Engineering
Michael Lesk Bellcore Digital Libraries for Both Sides of the Brain: Image and Text in Electronic Journals
(The Paper Title in Proc. : Experiments on Access to Digital Libraries: How can Images and Text be Used Together?)
1993 Patricia G. Selinger IBM Predictions and Challenges for Database Systems in the Year 2000
Won Kim UniSQL Object-Oriented Database Systems: Promises Reality,and Future
Michal Stonebraker, Rakesh Agrawal, Umeshwar Dayal, Erich J. Neuhold, and Andreas Reuter   DBMS Research at a Crossroads: The Vienna Update
Francois Bancilhon O2 Technology Object Database Morphology