25th International Conference on
Very Large Data Bases
Edinburgh - Scotland - UK
7th - 10th September 1999
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VLDB'99 Session Slides

Further details of the sessions can be found either on the Industrial Sessions, Invited Talks or Panel pages.

Industrial Sessions

Industrial Session 1: Data Management in a Networked World

Industrial Session 2: Some Innovations in Microsoft SQL Server

  • Adam Blum, Microsoft Automated Semantic Extraction from Databases in Microsoft SQL Server's English Query (110KB)
  • Goetz Graefe, Microsoft The Value of Merge-Join and Hash-Join in Microsoft SQL Server and Relational Query Processing(2,322KB)
  • David Campbell, Microsoft Microsoft SQL Server 7.0. Locking, Logging and Recovery Architecture (186KB)

Industrial Session 3: Data Warehousing: Experiences, Challenges, and Directions

Invited Speakers

10 Year Award Talk


Active Storage Hierarchy, Database Systems and Applications ­ Socratic Exegesis

Napier University