25th International Conference on 
Very Large Databases
Edinburgh - Scotland - UK
7th - 10th September 1999
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Formatting Instructions For Authors

Morgan Kaufmann's formatting instructions for the VLDB Proceedings may be found in the file format.txt. These guidelines must be adhered to by the final version of your accepted paper. 

In order to help you format your submissions, we have provided two additional files, vldb.sty and vldb_format.doc

  • vldb.sty is a LaTeX style file, defining environments which conform to Morgan Kaufmann's guidelines. It should work with LaTeX versions 1 and 2. (Note: when tested, vldb.sty could only be made to work by including it through a \documentstyle directive like this: \documentstyle[vldb]{article} This may prevent access to some LaTeX 2 features). 
  • vldb_format is a Word version of Morgan Kaufmann's guidelines, appropriately formatted.
  • This style file will insert the required copyright notice automatically. 
You may, as you wish, use these style files in their entirety, or copy out individual definitions or styles into your own document. However, even if you use one of these files, the responsibility remains with yourself to ensure that the final version of your paper meets the guidelines as described in format.txt. 

The copyright notice to be included in your paper is in the file copyright_notice.txt.

The transfer of copyright form may be found in the file copyright_form.txt. You should return a signed hard copy with the final version of your paper. 

orderinf.doc contains an order form which you may use to buy additional copies of the Proceedings. 

For ease of downloading, copies of all of these files are included in the archive all_files.zip

Revision history

Below are detailed any updates made to this information since the Web page went live. 
If you  are  using an out-of-date version of this information, it may be necessary for you 
to make last-minute changes to the final version of your paper. Please avoid this eventuality 
by regulary checking this revision history! 

Update at 15:00 GMT, 14th May 1999

Copyright statement added to Word style file. Files affected: vldb_format.doc, format.txt, 
all_files.zip, readme!.txt. 

Update at 11:00 GMT, 25th May 1999

Page numbers removed by modification to Latex style file. Files affected: vldb.sty, 
format.txt, all_files.zip, readme!.txt. 

Peter J Barclay, Napier Unversity, 1999. 

Napier University