25th International Conference on
Very Large Data Bases
Edinburgh - Scotland - UK
7th - 10th September 1999
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Demonstrations and Panel


Demonstrations are a new addition to the VLDB portfolio whereby selected results from research labs will be demonstrated in a relatively informal environment.

The demonstrations are scheduled to run in the Harris room, which holds a maximum of 50 delegates thereby providing a suitable atmosphere for interaction between the presenter and audience. Due to the limit on numbers per session, the demonstrations will be repeated throughout Wednesday and Thursday to maximise the opportunity for delegates to attend them. A schedule of the demonstrations will be prominently displayed outside the Harris room and entrance to the sessions will be on a first come first served basis.

The demonstration programme will comprise of the following demonstrations and will be chaired by either Ron Morrison, Graham Kirby or Vangelis Zirintsis:

Curio: A Novel Solution for Efficient Storage and Indexing in Data Warehouses
Datta A., Ramamritham K. & Thomas H.
Georgia Insitute of Technology & Indian Institute of Technology

Hyper-Programming in Java
Zirintsis E., Kirby G. & Morrison R. - University of St Andrews

Building Light-Weight Wrappers for Legacy Web Data-Sources using W4F
Sahuguet A. & Azavant F. - University of Pennsylvania & École Nationale Superérure des Télécommunications

XML Repository and Active Views Demonstration
Abiteboul S., Aguilera V., Ailleret S., Amann B., Cluet S., Hills B., Hubert F., Mamou J.C., Marian A., Mignet L., Milo T., Souza C., Tessier B. Vercoustre A.M. - INRIA, Ardent Software & University of Tel Aviv

Spatio-Temporal Retrieval with RasDaMan
Baumann P., Dehmel A., Furtado P., Ritsch R. & Widmann N. - FORWISS München

Miro Web: Integrating Multiple Data Sources through Semistructured Data Types
Bouganim L., Chan-Sine-Ying T., Dang-Ngoc T-T., Darroux J-L., Gardarin G. & Sha F. - Université de Versailles

Aqua: A Fast Decision Support Systems Using Approximate Query Answers
Acharya S., Gibbons P., Poosala V. & Ramaswamy S. - Bell Laboratories

The Mirror MMDBMS Architecture
De Vries A., Van Doorn M., Blanken H. & Apers P. - University of Twente

The current timetable of the demonstrations is available here.


Active Storage Hierarchy, Database Systems and Applications ­ Socratic Exegesis
Thursday 9th September, 14:30-16:00, Pentland Auditorium
Session Chair: Ron Morrison

This panel addresses a very important area that is often neglected or overlooked by database systems, database applications developers and data warehouse designers, namely storage. The session proposes to inform, discuss and debate the use of “Active Storage Hierarchy” in database systems and applications. Active storage hierarchy in this context means a database system that uses all storage media (i.e. optical, tape, and disk) to store and retrieve data and not just disk.

The panel will examine, discuss and debate how active storage compares and/or complements what is known in the database research community as “Active Disks” and other emerging disk-centric storage paradigms. The presentations and analysis will span current real products, emerging technology to active (and visionary) research in several related areas, like storage technology, storage systems, federated databases and database system uses of storage.

The panel will consist of the following members:

  • Felipe Cariño Jr., FileTek. Inc.
  • William O’Connell, IBM Toronto Laboratory
  • John Burgess, FileTek, Inc.
  • Joel Saltz, University of Maryland

Napier University