25th International Conference on
Very Large Data Bases
Edinburgh - Scotland - UK
7th - 10th September 1999
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Industrial Sessions

Copies of the speaker's slides are now available.

Industrial Session 1: Tuesday 7th September 16:30-18:00, Pentland
Data Management in a Networked World
Session Chair: Michael Brodie

What are the current and future requirements and challenges for networked data management? How are these challenges currently addressed? How should data management concepts, tools, and techniques change to meet these requirements? In this industrial session, the following industry leaders with major commitments to networked data management will present their views:

  • Rafiul Ahad, Oracle
  • James Hamilton, Microsoft
  • Chris Pound, British Telecommunications plc.
Industrial Session 2: Wednesday 8th September 09:00-10:30, Pentland
Some Innovations in Microsoft SQL Server
Session Chair: Jim Gray

Microsoft SQLServer 7.0 has added a number of features to improve its performance in the Enterprise. This session looks at these innovations and includes the following talks:

  • Adam Blum: Microsoft English Query 7.5: Automatic Extraction of Semantics from Relational Databases and OLAP Cubes
  • Goetz Graefe: The Value of Merge-Join and Hash-Join in SQL Server
  • David Campbell: The new locking, logging, and recovery architecture of Microsoft SQL Server 7.0
Industrial Session 3: Thursday 9th September 16:30-18:00, Pentland
Data Warehousing: Experiences, Challenges, and Directions
Session Chair: Umeshwar Dayal

Data warehouses have grown to be one of the largest sectors of data management and continues to grow with new applications and usage scenarios. Many organizations are deriving major operational benefits and short term payback. As a result, data warehouses are taking on an importance as a major infrastructure component serving more than data collection, integration, and dissemination. Data warehouses clearly fill a gap in the current data management architecture of traditional DBMSs.

The following data warehouse vendors will debate what the current and future requirements and challenges are for data warehouses:

  • Andy Witkowski, Oracle: Year 2000 Challenges for Data Warehouses
  • Ray Welsh, Informix: Building a Data Warehouse for Scalabilty and Flexibility
  • Thomas Zurek and Markus Sinnwell, SAP: Data Warehousing Has More Colours Than Just Black & White

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