25th International Conference on  
Very Large Databases 
Edinburgh - Scotland - UK 
7th - 10th September 1999 
VLDB99 Logo


The 25th International Conference on Very Large Data Bases (VLDB'99) is being held at the Edinburgh International Conference Centre, Edinburgh, Scotland from Tuesday, 7th September to Friday, 10th September, 1999. As the premier international conference on databases, VLDB regularly attracts a world-wide attendance of 500 or more delegates from academia and industry.

We are actively encouraging sponsorships for the conference. There are three categories of sponsorship for the VLDB 1999 conference. 

  • Contributor 
  • Sponsor 
  • Principal Sponsor 
In each case, the sponsoring company is responsible for providing the artwork (company logo) to be included on the various publications and promotional material. 

The sponsoring company may request their contribution to be associated with a specific item or event associated with the conference. However, sponsorship items will be allocated on a 'first come first choice' basis.


Suggested contribution is upwards of £2,500. Benefits will include: 
  • Identification as a contributor on:
  • Conference Poster (if sponsorship is received before printing of the poster). 
  • Proceedings. 
  • Final Program. 
  • Advance Program. 
  • Daily newsletters. 
  • Inclusion of a leaflet (to be supplied by the sponsor) into the registration pack. 
Items to which the contributing sponsor's name can be attributed may include:
  • Invited speaker session.
  • Tutorial session.
  • Panel session.
  • 2 x tea/coffee breaks. 
  • Aperitifs at conference dinner.
  • After dinner liqueurs.
  • Entertainment during conference dinner.
  • Delegate packs (pens, pads etc.)
  • Scottish souvenir.



Suggested contribution is upwards of £5,000. Benefits will include all the benefits for contributors, and in addition: 
  • Early registration fee for late registrants from the sponsoring company. 
  • Identification as a sponsor on banners at the conference venue and at the conference banquet. 
  • Badges of all representatives from the sponsoring company will identify them as a sponsor. 
  • Sponsor identification on proceedings, banners, and final program will be in larger size than contributor identification. 
Items to which the sponsor's name can be attributed may include:
  • Multiple contributor items.
  • EICC room.
  • Delegate Email facilities.
  • Tutorial notes.
  • 1 x Lunch. 
  • Conference welcome reception.
  • Wine for the conference banquet.
  • Delegate bags.

Principal Sponsor

There will be one or two principal sponsors. Suggested contribution is upwards of £15,000. Benefits will include all the benefits for sponsors, and in addition: 
  • Inclusion of principal sponsoring company's logo on the conference bag. 
  • Opportunity to hold a reception during the conference. 
  • Space in the coffee break area for principal sponsor's use for promotional purposes.
Items to which the principal sponsor's name can be attributed may include:
  • Multiple sponsor items.
  • Conference Banquet.