Call for Papers

25th International Conference on Very Large Data Bases
Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
7th -10th September, 1999
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VLDB'99, the Silver Jubilee VLDB conference will be held in Edinburgh, Scotland. It will present and review the latest achievements in database research and applications.  The maturity and judgement developed in this discipline over the last 25 years must now advance rapidly to accommodate dramatic increases in the loads imposed on database systems  and in the diversity of their uses. 

As the engineering for databases improves so the use of metrics to validate achievements becomes progressively more important. Moreover, the emergence of new technologies, such as ubiquitous computing, mobile devices and high-bandwidth communications, makes further demands on database technology. Databases also facilitate the incremental construction of ever larger and more sophisticated information systems.  Are databases a match for the requirements of the next millennium? 

You are invited to submit papers reporting recent results in the general field of databases.  The VLDB paper presentations take three forms.  Standard research papers take the traditional form. More speculative papers explore the future evolution of the database field to develop a vision of future database research, development and use. Papers, mainly from industry, describe the construction or operation of new and challenging applications of databases.  Panels, tutorials, and exhibits will communicate issues, views, new approaches and hard information about the practical leading-edge of database technology, applications and techniques. 

Topics of Interest

The topics of interest in VLDB '99 include but are not limited to: 
  • Active Databases 
  • Advanced Applications of Databases 
  • Authorization and Security 
  • Concurrency Control and Recovery 
  • Continuous Operation 
  • DBMS Architectures 
  • Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery 
  • Data Models and Database Design 
  • Data Transformation & Integration 
  • Data Warehousing 
  • Databases as Components in large Systems 
  • Database Benchmarks and Measurement 
  • Database-centred Software Engineering 
  • Database Constraint Management 
  • Database Evolution and Migration 
  • Database Languages and Semantics 
  • Databases and Electronic Commerce 
  • Engineering  Databases for Design, Production and Operation 
  • Financial Applications of Databases 
  • Geographic Information Systems 
  • Globally Distributed Databases 
  • Heterogeneous and Federated Databases 
  • Information Retrieval and Database System Synergy 
  • Internet/Intranet Services and Databases 
  • Knowledge Base Management Systems 
  • Logic and Databases 
  • Mobility and Databases 
  • Multidimensional Databases 
  • Multimedia Databases 
  • On-line Analytical Processing 
  • Object-Oriented Database Systems 
  • Optimization and Performance 
  • Parallel and Distributed Databases 
  • Programming Language and Database Integration 
  • Real-time Databases 
  • Replication, Caching, and View Materialization 
  • Scientific and Statistical Databases 
  • Semi-structured Data 
  • Spatial Databases 
  • Telecoms and Call-Centre Applications 
  • Temporal Databases 
  • Text Databases 
  • Tractable, Realistic Models of Database Mechanisms and their Calibration 
  • Ubiquitous Service Provision 
  • User Interfaces 
  • Visualizing the structure and content of databases 
  • View Management 
  • Visual Query Languages and Tools 
  • World-wide Database Services 
  • Workflow Systems 


Research, Vision and Experience Papers

Research Papers 

These will contain significant and original research results. Papers reporting and evaluating new architectures, structures,  methods, systems, and models are encouraged, particularly where these are carefully validated against realistic criteria, such as typical test loads and data volumes.  They will be evaluated according to standard criteria including: originality, innovation, relevance, abstraction, technical depth, clarity and potential practical impact. 

Vision Papers 

These provide a medium for discussion of expected technological, economic and social developments and their impact on databases. These papers are inevitably speculative, however they are expected to present clearly a scientifically and technically convincing argument of relevance to the database community. 

Experience and Application Papers 

This section provides a forum for discussion of experiences in implementing DBMSs or in applying DBMS technology in challenging situations.  Criteria for papers in this section, will include novelty, technical quality, clarity and the anticipated value of reported results to developers or users.  Reports of industrial experience of using databases will be particularly welcome. 

Paper Submission Procedures

Six copies of original papers should be submitted to the appropriate conference programme co-chair depending on the geographic region in which the authors of the paper reside by February 22, 1999.  Papers must not be under consideration or published elsewhere. 

Papers should not exceed 20 pages, double-spaced and should be typeset with minimum 11-point font; over-length papers will be rejected without review. An abstract of the paper must be submitted electronically by February 15, 1999 with an indication as to whether the paper should be judged under the traditional research, the vision or experience criteria.  Details of the arrangements for electronic and paper submission are now available. 

Panel and Demonstration Proposals 

Panel proposals should address exciting, new and controversial issues and must be debate-oriented rather than a series of short presentations.  They should pose specific questions that the panellists will be called to answer, and they should expose the controversy around those questions.  A list of confirmed participants with their affiliations should be included in the panel proposal. 

Demonstrations should demonstrate new technology, advances in applying databases or new techniques.  Often they will complement a presentation. Panels and demonstrations will have up to 4 pages in the proceedings.  Panels will use these to set the context, issues and viewpoint of the planned discussions. Just what are the big questions and why are they important for the database community.  Demonstrations will explain what is being demonstrated and how the demonstration shows the significance of the contribution to database technology, applications or techniques. 

Proposals should be submitted to the panel and demonstration programme chair, Ron Morrison (ron@dcs.st-andrews.ac.uk), electronically or in hard-copy by February 22, 1999. 

Tutorial Proposals 

Tutorial proposals must clearly identify the intended audience, which should be considerably broader than the database research community or should introduce the database community to a new concept or technology. Alternatively, a tutorial may stimulate synergy between databases and another relevant research field. 

Enough material should be included in a proposal to provide a sense of both the scope and depth that will be covered.  Evidence should be submitted that a high-quality presentation will be achieved in a standard 3-hour tutorial period.  We seek novel topics emerging in importance and of wide interest. 

Proposals should be submitted to the tutorial programme chair, Carole Goble (carole@cs.man.ac.uk), electronically or in hard-copy by February 22, 1999. 

Exhibits Proposals 

VLDB'99 will display exhibits from both industry, commerce, vendors and research groups.  To propose your participation in the exhibits programme contact the exhibits programme chair, Lachlan MacKinnon (lachlan@cee.hw.ac.uk) by May 8, 1999.  Early dialogue would be very helpful. 

Important Dates

15  February 1999 Abstract Submission Deadline 
22 February 1999  Paper, Panel, Demonstration & Tutorial Deadline 
8 May 1999 Exhibit  Deadline 
10 May 1999  Notification of Acceptance 
1 June 1999  Camera Ready Papers Due 
7 September 1999 VLDB'99 Conference Opens in Edinburgh


Geographic Regions

For the purposes of VLDB'99 the world is divided into three regions and papers should be submitted to the programme committee co-chair associated with the region in which the principal author of the paper did the reported work. Anyone requiring advice on where to submit a paper should contact the programme committee chair, Malcolm Atkinson (mpa@dcs.gla.ac.uk). 

Summary of Where to Send Submissions

Programme Region Contact
Asia (excluding the Middle East & Russia), Australasia & Antarctica Maria E. Orlowska (maria@dstc.edu.au)
Africa, Europe, Russia, the Middle East including Israel & Turkey Patrick Valduriez (Patrick.Valduriez@inria.fr)
North & South America  Stan Zdonik (sbz@cs.brown.edu
Industrial Programme All areas Appropriate Regional Chair
Tutorials All areas Carole Goble (carole@cs.man.ac.uk)
Panels and Demonstrations All areas Ron Morrison (ron@dcs.st-andrews.ac.uk)
Exhibits All areas Lachlan MacKinnon (lachlan@cee.hw.ac.uk)

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Full details of the conference can be found at: http://www.dcs.napier.ac.uk/~vldb99

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