Opening Ceremonies | Keynote Address | 10-Year Paper Award | Invited Industrial Talk

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Opening Ceremonies

Keynote Address

10-Year Paper Award

  • Practical Applications of Triggers and Constraints: Success Stories and Lingering Issues, Stefano Ceri, Politecnico di Milano; Robert Cochrane, IBM; and Jennifer Widom, Stanford University

Invited Industrial Talk


Social, Educational, and Governmental Change Enabled Through Technology
Chair: Krithi Ramamritham

  • Carlo Batini, Authority for Information Systems in Public Administration, Italy

  • Athman Bouguettaya, Virginia Tech, USA

  • Yahia El Atfy, National Database, Egypt

  • D. B. Phatak, School of Information Technology, IIT Bombay, India

A 20/20 Vision of the VLDB2000
Chair: Mishah Deen

Is Generic Metadata Management Feasible?
Chair: Philip A. Bernstein

Future Directions of Database Research—The VLDB Broadening Strategy, Parts 1 and 2
John Mylopoulos

Industrial and Domain Sessions

Groupware and Workflow
Chair: Umeshwar Dayal

Chair: Ming-Chen Shan

High-Performance Data Management
Chair: C. Mohan

Chair: Tamer Ozsu

  • A Database Platform for Bioinformatics, Sandeepan Banerjee
  • Data Mining in the Bioinformatics Domain, Shalom Tsur
  • Controlling Data Warehouses with Knowledge Networks, Elvira Schaefer, Jan-Dirk Becker, Matthias Jarke

Data Warehousing and Data Mining
Chair: Qiming Chen

Domain Session: Biodiversity Informatics
Chair: Judy Cushing