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arrival point: Humboldt-Universität
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Forum Hotel -- Humboldt-Universität
Forum Hotel

Leave the hotel, turn left and go down the street until you reach "Karl-Liebknecht-Straße".

3 min
Turn left, follow street until you reach the train bridge and then follow the rails left hand until the train station "Alexanderplatz". 5 min
train station Alexanderplatz
Use the escalator upwards and take the train S5, S7, S9 or S25 to "Westkreuz", "Potsdam" or "Spandau".
2 min
Get off the train 2 stations later at the station "Friedrichstraße". 5 min
train station Friedrichstraße
Leave the station in the direction of motion and go down "Friedrichstraße" till you reach "Dorotheenstraße". 3 min
Turn left and follow "Dorotheenstraße" until you reach the Humboldt- Universität. 5 min
Enter the main building through the rear entrance. 2 min
total time: 25 min