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arrival point: Humboldt-Universität
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Park Plaza Hotel-- Humboldt-Universität
Park Plaza Hotel

Leave the hotel, turn right into "Storkower Straße" until you reach "Landsberger Allee".

3 min
Turn right into "Landsberger Allee" until you reach the train underpass. On the right hand is the entrance to the train station. 2 min
train station Landsberger Allee
Enter the train station and take the train S8 or Ringbahn to "Nordbahnhof" or "Gesundbrunnen".
2 min
Go 4 stations by train until the train station "Gesundbrunnen". 10 min
train station Gesundbrunnen
Get off the train and take the train S1 to "Wannsee", S25, S26 to "Lichterfelde Süd" or S2 to "Blankenfelde".  
Get off the train 4 stations later at the train station "Friedrichstraße". 10 min
train station Friedrichstraße
Leave the station in the direction of motion and go down "Friedrichstraße" until you reach "Dorotheenstraße". 3 min
Turn left into "Dorotheenstraße" until you reach the Humboldt Universität. 5 min
Enter the main building through the rear entrance. 2 min
total time : 37 min