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Terms and Conditions of Hotel Registration and Payment


 Organized Hotel accommodations for VLDB2003 are managed by DER Deutsches Reisebüro, Berlin. DER is one of Germany`s largest travel agencies. “Special Offers” and “Other Hotels” have to be reserved on your own.


 DER has reserved a block of hotel rooms at considerably reduced rates. All hotels are near to subway or bus lines which will take you easily to the venue.


 Attention!!: The stated hotel prices reflect agreements that were put into place long before the start of the conference. They might NOT reflect the actual price situation at the time of the conference and might be higher than the actual prices you might be charged when contacting the hotels directly. Thus we highly recommend to compare prices; the following links provide you some online booking alternatives, including some hotels which you might want to contact directly (Special Offers and Other Hotels). The organizers do not take over any responsibilities for the quality and reliability of any of the hotels nor for the online booking facilities.


For any requests concerning “Organized Hotels” please contact:
DER Deutsches Reisebüro
Ritterstrasse 3
D-10969 Berlin, Germany
Tel.: +49-30-21998-997
Fax: +49-30-21998-405


 Payment: All room fees are paid to DER. For all those paying by credit card, all fees will be charged at the end of their stay. Please note that DER accepts Visa, Mastercard, Diners and Eurocard. Those paying by cheque must include a deposit of 100,- EURO with their registration and pay the remaining balance by 13.08.2003. Those who would like to pay with an EuroCheque have to send the cheque (noting the usual restrictions on amount) with their registration. There is no fee for using an EuroCheque. If you would like to pay with a cheque in EURO, please send the cheque with your registration. Note that DER has to charge a fee of 5,- EURO for processing foreign cheques. Charges for other extra services have be paid to the hotel.


 Prices and Cancellation: Reservations cannot be guaranteed, but DER will probably find appropriate accommodations for you. DER will take care to meet all your accommodation requests, however, if your preferred choice is fully booked, DER reserves the right to make your booking at the best available alternative. Hotel allocation will be made on a first come first served basis. All rates quoted on the accommodation form are per room, per night in Euro and include breakfast and VAT. DER will handle all the reservations, so please do not contact the hotels directly. In case of cancellation later than 5 working days before arrival, cancellation fees may have to be paid.

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