30th International Conference on
Very Large Data Bases
Royal York Hotel
29 August - 3 September 2004
Toronto, Canada





The following guidelines will apply to presentations.

1. There are two types of papers: those accepted for regular presentation and those accepted for short presentation. Regular presentation papers will be presented for 20 minutes + 10 minutes of question and answer (30 minutes total) while the short presentations will be a total of 10 minutes (7 minutes presentation + 3 minutes question and answer).

2. There will be a student volunteer assigned to each room. They have been instructed to assist the session chairs and you with any problems that may come up. They can also be identified by the special colored T-shirts that they will wear. There is also a conference administration room in Salon A; feel free to contact one of the conference organizers in that room.

3. We are not going to have overhead projectors in the rooms, so all presentations will be electronic (no foils). In each room, there will be a computer connected to a data projector loaded with Acrobat Reader, Powerpoint and gsview. All the presenters are required to upload their presentations to this computer. This ensures smooth flow of presentations by avoiding time loss during swapping of machines. There are three ways to get the material uploaded to this machine:

A. You can upload your presentation to an ftp server the program chair (M. Tamer Özsu) has set up. Here are the instructions:

- ftp into akcay.uwaterloo.ca
- change to directory Documents/VLDB04 (case sensitive)
- find the number of the session in which your paper will be presented (Ri refers to Research Session I, Ik refers to Industrial Session k)
- deposit your paper into that directory.

B. The student volunteers each room will have USB keys that will allow them to copy files from your machines to the computer in the room.

C. You can send your files by email to the conference chair (M. Tamer Özsu - tozsu@db.uwaterloo.ca)

The preferred way is (A). For this option, your presentation should be uploaded to the ftp site by midnight August 26.

4. Under **very** special circumstances, the session chair, may allow a speaker to connect his or her computer to the data projector. The session chairs have been asked to allow this *only* if part of the talk involves a demo that cannot be run from the provided PC. We doubt there will be many (any?) such cases, but they will use their judgment. They will **not** allow such a switch for short papers as this would eat up most of the limited time allocated to these papers.

5. Please make sure that you are in the room allocated to the session at least 10 minutes prior to the start of the session to introduce yourself to the session chair and to facilitate the copying of the files.