Submission Guidelines

The conference management tools for the submission of abstracts and papers is accessible at

Format: PVLDB is intended for short "conference-style" papers. Papers are to be formatted according to the conference's camera-ready format, as embodied in the document templates below. Paper length is limited to 8 pages, with an optional 4-page appendix. The 8-page body of the paper should be conceptually self-contained and understandable without reference to the appendix. The appendix is to be used for detailed justification: confirmation of results (formal proofs or extensive experimental findings) or mechanical aspects of methods (lengthy pseudocode, detailed experimental methodology). The results of the appendix should be apparent to a reviewer from the contents of the 8-page body; the appendix should be used only for formal confirmation of details.

Submission Process

PVLDB uses a novel review process designed to promote timely submission, review, and revision of scholarly results. The process will be carried out over 12 submission deadlines during the year preceding the conference. The basic cycle will operate as follows:

  • A Rolling Deadline occurs on the 1st of each month, 5:00 AM Pacific Time (Daylight Savings observed according to US calendar).
  • Initial Reviews are intended to be done within one month, and they will include notice of acceptance, rejection, or revision requests.
  • Revision Requests are to be specific, and moderate in scope. Authors will be given two months to produce a revised submission.
  • Second Reviews are intended to be returned within one month, after which a final decision will be made. Second reviews are to directly address the authors' handling of the requested revisions.

Authors are advised that reviewing turnaround time is subject to fluctuations in submission rates, which are expected to be higher toward the end of the annual cycle.

Notes on revision requests

The revision process is intended to be a constructive partnership between reviewers and authors. To this end, reviewers bear a responsibility to request revisions only in constructive scenarios: when requests can be addressed by specific and modest efforts that can lead to acceptance within the revision timeframe. In turn, authors bear the responsibility of attempting to meet those requests within the stated timeframe, or of withdrawing the paper from submission. At the discretion of the Program Committee, mechanisms may be employed for reviewers and authors to engage in further dialog during the revision period.

All final submissions to PVLDB 2011 must be received by March 1, 2011. This includes responses to revision requests. To keep this schedule, all papers submitted for the batches of Feb. 1 and March 1, 2011 will receive binary accept/reject decisions; no revision requests will be issued for those submissions.


Authors are strongly discouraged from resubmitting work that was previously rejected from PVLDB, unless it has been revised substantially -- well beyond the scope of what would be possible in the revision process described above.

Extended Journal Articles

Because PVLDB accepts conference-length papers, authors are encouraged to develop longer versions of PVLDB papers and submit them to traditional journal venues. The Editors-in-Chief of the VLDB Journal (VLDBJ) have formally agreed that extended versions of papers published in PVLDB may be considered for publication in VLDBJ. Other journals have informally encouraged this as well. More information on this topic is available in the PVLDB FAQ at