SAP R/3: A Database Application System (Tutorial).

Alfons Kemper, Donald Kossmann, Florian Matthes: SAP R/3: A Database Application System (Tutorial). SIGMOD Conference 1998: 499
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Many database applications in the real world are no longer built on top of a stand-alone database system. Rather, generic (standard) application systems are employed in which the database system is one integrated component. SAP is the market leader for integrated business administration systems, and its SAP R/3 product is a comprehensive software system which integrates modules for finance, material management, sales and distribution, etc. From an architectural point of view, SAP R/3 is a client/server application system with a relational database system as back-end. SAP supports a choice between a variety of commercial relational database products.

The goal of this tutorial is to present the distributed system architecture, the data model, the database programming language, the database interfaces, the transaction and process model and the system evolution concepts of SAP R/3 and to relate them to established database and distributed system concepts.

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