2011 VLDB Travel Fellowship Program


This Program aims to encourage faculty and students from underrepresented parts of the world, e.g., developing countries, poor regions of developed countries, to pursue a career related to database research. The program plans to achieve this aim by earmarking funds for new students and faculty to attend the VLDB conference each year.


Each Fellowship will provide up to US$1,500 to defray conference attendance costs (e.g., travel and lodging) plus conference registration. Awardees will be responsible for their own travel arrangements, including health insurance, if necessary.


Preference will be given to those:

  • who have not attended VLDB in the past
  • who are from a region that does not already have considerable presence at VLDB
  • who have a demonstrated interest in database R&D


Each applicant must have a nominator (senior faculty member or department head in the case of faculty, faculty advisor in the case of students), who should email the information requested below about the nominee and himself/herself as a simple text file attachment to Meral Ozsoyoglu (meral at case dot edu) on or before July 1st 2011 with the subject line of the email being "2011 VLDB Travel Fellowship Application"

  1. Nominator's Name
  2. University/College and Position
  3. Professional Organization Affiliations (e.g., ACM, IEEE, etc.)
  4. In 100 words or less, justification for "why the applicant deserves to receive this fellowship"

The applicant should provide the following information:

  1. Applicant's Name
  2. In 100 words or less, write about "why I am interested in database research and how I would benefit from attending the VLDB conference."
  3. Any fellowships, awards or honors earned
  4. Professional Organization Affiliations (e.g., ACM, IEEE, Local Chapters, etc.)
  5. List of publications (if any)
  6. Sufficient details of significant projects in which the applicant has participated
  7. List of conferences attended, if any
  8. Total estimated costs for attending VLDB -- do not include registration fees since these will be part of the Fellowship. (Indicate other sources of funds if cost estimate exceeds $1,500.)

Faculty/working professionals must indicate their current position, including number of years in the profession. Student applicants must include specifics of the program they are enrolled in (major/specialization, graduate/undergraduate, full-time/part-time) along with all courses taken (and respective final grades).